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Build strength, increase mobility, and improve your heart health with these training circuits. You'll receive 4 guided workouts in your weekly routine. Some are full body, and others focus on lower, core or upper body strength. You'll see my demonstration of each exercise (while following along with me) and once you’re done with the recommended repetitions, the app will prompt you to scroll and tap on the amount of weight/reps you completed. This way you’ll be able to easily keep track of your progress. I list tips and form cues with each exercise to help you get the most out of each workout. As a member of the Fit Fix program, you'll also receive access to a food log where you can track your nutrition. Aim to complete 150 minutes of cardio per week in addition to these strength workouts. Many of my clients walk, swim, dance, bike or hike to fill that time. I recommend either using your scheduled “rest days” or following your strength work with your cardio each week. Each workout is slightly different, but you'll see some movements repeated from one week to the next. Repeating a workout will allow you to focus on “progressive overload”. You’re more likely to increase your intensity and/or resistance when you’re not having to learn a new routine every day. I invite you to check out the “EXPLORE” tab on your home screen. It’s here that you have total access to all my cardio/resistance workouts (these can be used as some of your weekly cardio), mobility and workouts using special equipment. Rather than including these specialty workouts as part of your weekly routine, I’m giving you the option to use those as you please! My goal with this program is to offer a well-rounded fitness plan that be done from home or the gym. I’d love to work with you and help you get results!

Plan Includes

  • 4 scheduled workouts per week

  • Additional specialty workouts available through the explore tab

  • Access to a food log to track nutrition

  • Fitness tips, form cues, and sets/reps listed

  • Workout modifications included

  • Ask workout questions through app or email

  • Weekly newsletter with health and fitness tips

  • 2-3 sets of dumbbells needed

How it works

  • Complete onboarding questionnaire after logging into the app
  • Purchase the plan (discount available with quarterly purchase, but not available through Apple. Go directly to my website for all program options)
  • Your schedule is made available in the app within 24 hrs.
  • Connect with me in case of any questions via in-app chat or email
  • You can cancel your plan to avoid future billing at any time, but due to the informational nature of the program, refunds aren't available
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Free for first week

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